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  • Cheyenne Johnson

Review: "SMOKE" - Sval

A song fueled with forbidden desires, Sval takes the pop world by storm with her new single, “SMOKE.” This fresh track is filled with relatable themes as Sval dives into a friendship that has become more like a secret relationship. The playful tune showcases lyrics about the not so platonic friendship and makes it clear that there’s a hunger for being more than just friends. With lyrics like, “And I dance with you up in my room/With your body/On my body, you got it/Dance when there's nobody home/Keep it quiet/Where there's smoke there is fire,” there’s no doubt this friendship has turned into something more.

Straying from her usual style, Sval chose to write a lighter song with “SMOKE.” She typically prefers to write sad songs, but she wanted this one to be something listeners can feel good listening and singing to. “SMOKE” features energetic pop beats and flirty melodies, highlighting the burning desire woven into the lyrics of this song. Sval’s crisp, soft vocals float above a heavy synth soundscape—light and airy like a whisper of smoke. Radiating contemporary pop energy, the synth-laden track creates an ambient atmosphere and a highly immersive sound. A true pop masterpiece, "SMOKE" continues to highlight Sval's effortless songwriting and creativity.

24-year-old Norwegian singer-songwriter, Sval, has enjoyed much success in her career so far. A young, rising pop star, Sval found the limelight in her home country as a winner of the national Melodi Grand Prix Junior in 2011 with her song, “Tranger Deg.” Since then, she has amassed millions of streams and cultivated a devoted fan base in Norway. Sval has released music for over 10 years and has been writing for more than 15. The experienced singer-songwriter released singles “Jealousy” and “(I Can’t Be Your) Medicine” in 2020—both of which were featured on national radio. These singles followed the release of her debut EP, Young Alien. Sval enjoys writing songs in both English and Norwegian, but she has always preferred writing in English. As a nostalgic person, Sval’s songwriting is often inspired by personal memories and moments from her past.

Written By Cheyenne Johnson



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