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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "Soft Place To Land" - Souvenir

"Soft Place To Land" is a tour de force of the dancefloor's past and present, showcasing Souvenir's most chimeric and transformative interpretation of synth pop. Michael Fenuccio—the creative force behind Souvenir—brings both a sense of thrill and comfort in his anthem for queer joy and nurturing safety in a relationship. Fizzy synths soak the summery chorus, transforming Fenuccio's promises and devotions into a frehsly popped bottle of champagne. His voice is densely layered, serene falsetto lending the bright hooks an airy quality. The soaring bliss of the chorus is particularly effective coming off the entrancing verses. As Souvenir seeks connection, the deep bass lurches hypnotically under his wispy vocals. As Fenuccio places his heart in love's hands, his voice shimmers like the sun off ocean waves.

"Baby my love's underwater, and baby that water's your hands," goes the centerpiece of "Soft Place To Land." Fenuccio feels love as security, protection, and all-encompassing-affection. To love someone deeply, as he suggests, one must provide them with a feeling of unconditional understanding. "Wading in and taking your time," he smiles without concern for time, "I'll show you how deep we can go." The euphoria of the sweeping chorus is no hail-mary plunge into deep waters — it's gently crossing the drop-off without a moment of doubt. "Gimme all of your confessions, lay them next to me," he pleads: a sincere and wholistic devotion. To love deeply and fully, in the world of "Soft Place To Land," is like breathing underwater.

The Brooklyn-based artist, Souvenir, has been forging his path in the pop landscape to greater heights each year. Last year's EP, "Human Nature," brought together the immaculate collaboration between Fenuccio and producer Dominic Florio. The two continued to work together after the release of Souvenir's sparkling six-track EP, with Florio producing "Soft Place To Land" in addition to the previously released "Karma." With his blend of classic and contemporary sounds, Souvenir finds wide-ranging appeal without sacrificing boldness. His music stands as a testament to modern queer experiences, from love to heartbreak.

Written By Andy M.

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