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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "Soliloquy" - Talia Grace

The nagging feeling of solitude is one that is hard to escape. When we see everyone around us enjoying life so easily, it becomes difficult to avoid comparing ourselves to them and therefore, break ourselves down. But it’s always important to remind ourselves of everything we have in our lives that is good. In her latest single, Talia Grace provides us with an honest letter of what it is like to look around us to feel alone, and how it is important to try to find positivity in our lives to keep us up. The song “Soliloquy” is a beautiful ballad that shows off Grace’s incredible talent, not just as a performer, but as a writer as well. Talia Grace is able to be fully transparent in her art, which is always a very difficult thing to do, but she executes it so well. Her song serves as a reminder to other people who feel the same way she does and are in need of someone to remind them to find the joyous things in life.

“Soliloquy” is a classic ballad, with a simple piano being one of the driving forces in the song. Grace’s voice is full and smooth, and it is able to carry the emotion of the lyrics so well. Her vocal performance shows her transparency in what she is singing, and it only enhances her message. “I feel like I’ve wasted all the love that I’ve given,” is a line that stands out, because it presents the regret the speaker feels. The regret of loving people who didn’t stay with her and are now enjoying life without her. While the song provides the problem, it also provides the solution. The song develops by presenting all the positives in the speaker’s life, such as a family who still loves them. As the song finishes off on a hopeful note, the story is complete with a happy ending that shows how the speaker has been able to grow and learn from their past. The song encourages everyone to fight and search hard for the sunlight on those dark days where everything feels awful. The song “Soliloquy” truly does show off the talent of Talia Grace as a storyteller.

Talia Grace is an artist originally from LA but is now based in Austin, TX. She has been musically inclined since she was a young girl and began to write and record music at age 12. In 2020, she released her debut single “Melancholy.” Talia Grace likes to write music that can resonate with a variety of individuals and help them find a sense of comfort. She takes moments from her personal life that she believes everyone can relate to and puts them into her music. Grace wants to help people through her art, and this determination is well expressed in her work. As an independent artist, her work is all done by her which shows off what a hard-working artist she is. Talia Grace is a true talent and she is an artist you want to continue to look out for.

Written By Chantal Charles


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