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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "someday" - Lexi Jayde

Time heals all wounds, even the ones that cannot be seen. When recovering from a break-up, it is hard to be optimistic about a future without the person you once loved. In Lexi Jayde’s song, “somebody”, she sings about what it is like to experience heartbreak and what a future without them means. She remembers every little detail about her former partner and her heart aches when she thinks about moving on without them. In the verses, Jayde reminisces on the times they had together and how they used to be the one person she could rely on. But now, the person she used to consider her one and only confidant is now a complete stranger. In the chorus, she is hopeful for the day that her broken heart is mended. She sings that “Someday, I’ll wake up and won’t waste my makeup// Someday, I’ll wake up and laugh about the breakup”. She imagines herself dancing and singing like nothing is wrong, because nothing will be wrong. But for now, she will continue to think about this heartbreak.

“someday” is a heartbreaking ballad that is filled with powerful emotions. It was cowritten and produced by one of the most prolific producers in the modern music industry, FINNEAS. He is a Grammy award winner who is well-known for cowriting and producing for his sister, Billie Eilish. The song perfectly flows, transitioning from the last word of the chorus to the first word of the verses and the bridge. The lyrics are meticulously written and paints the perfect imagery of the feelings Jayde has been experiencing. The heartbreak can be heard through the strong emotion she puts behind her voice. Once the bridge arrives, the listener has already been taken on an emotional journey. By this point of the song, they feel everything she has felt. The bridge is Jayde’s most vulnerable part of the song, wondering what her former partner is thinking now that it is over. She ends the song with one simple lyric: “Someday, I’ll wake up and not think about—you”. As the final track on Jayde’s new EP, “someday” is the perfect track to wrap up her journey to find closure.

Lexi Jayde is a singer-songwriter based in LA. In July 2021 she released her debut EP, a teenage diary. Then in May 2022 she released her sophomore EP closer to closure, which was streamed 3.1 million times in its first week. She has nearly 2 million monthly listeners on Spotify and 1.4 million followers on Instagram. Her music is inspired by artists such as Clairo, Tame Impala, Lennon Stella, and Fleetwood Mac. She writes vulnerable songs about her struggles and insecurities as a young adult in today’s world. She hopes her songwriting can make her listeners feel less alone and help them through their own struggles.

Written By Karlee Smith



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