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  • Zewdi Cass

Review: "Someone Else's Life" - Now.

In our current age of instant access to phones and social media, it can feel difficult to do anything without the whole world watching. "Someone Else's Life" is about finding the courage to follow your own path despite what others may think of you. The single describes the immense pressure you might feel from even the most influential voices to fit in, and the internal fight you must overcome to bravely pave your own future.

Now. brings a sound to the table that isn't heard as often as it once was. The trio has a pop-rock sound reminiscent of early 2000's bands such as Daughtry or 3 Doors Down. Though the topic of their latest single is heavy, the upbeat, elated vibes of the music produce a song that comes across as inspirational. Self-produced consistent drum and guitar rhythms carry vocals throughout the song, fusing together in a catchy, melodious manner.

Valentin Böderbauer, Constantin Kaiser, and Florian Koch make up the three-piece, Vienna/Austria based band Now. Using their combined various musical talents, they have produced and recorded all of their released music and are currently in the works to publish their first album in late 2023. The pop/rock musicians have showcased their perfectionism and trained musical talent through their discography, which has been well received with abundant airplay in Germany and Austria.

Written By Zewdi Cass



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