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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Something Again" - Alexia Rev

Alexia Rev empowers herself after a breakup by steering into the skid and allowing herself to feel the negative emotions that come with it. “Something Again” explores the harmful patterns that people fall into when a relationship ends and describes Rev’s own experience. This notion is wrapped up in the hook found in the chorus, when she sings, “I wanna feel something again// Like it was the first time// No I won’t forget// I fell to the bottom// With one dying breath// Now I want to feel something again.” Rev illustrates this dark pit that she fell into when her heart was broken. She felt like part of her died and she was left feeling numb. Now, she has dusted herself off and desires to feel something—anything. She does not care if it is pleasure or pain; she just wants to feel human again. One of the first lyrics the audience hears is: “Keep on tryna fill the void but it ain’t enough// And so I go into the shadows// Lust into love.” She admits that her actions are only a temporary fix for her empty heart, yet she allows herself to fall back into these harmful patterns anyway. However, she lets the listener know that she is completely content with this when she sings, “I kinda like how// It feels when I’m// Outta control// Outta my body and soul// Don’t save me.” For her, this behavior mends her broken heart and she does not want anyone to intervene. She wants those around her to let her continue down this path and allow her to navigate her reintroduction back into single life the way that she wants. “Something Again” is a cleverly written track that is not only a cathartic release for Rev, but for every listener that resonates with these lyrics.

“Something Again” is a high-energy pop song that ingeniously represents the carefree attitude with its upbeat rhythm and synth beats. The song kicks off with a compelling staggered keyboard intro that transitions into the first verse. The verse maintains the keyboard in the background, while adding the dreamy synth beats and mesmerizing bass on the forefront. Rev’s heavenly vocals guide the listener through the lyrical journey of heartbreak, recklessness, and healing. In the chorus, the bass and the beat mutes, focusing on a soothing synth production that sets the emotional tone of the track. Then in the post-chorus, the song takes a complete turn with a fiery take on the production. The tempo changes as the drums become the focus, paired with Rev’s voice as they provide a sultry vibe. Unique synth sound effects are heard in the background, providing a unique dynamic to the track. Then, the original production found in the first verse returns for the second verse, followed by the same chorus. The song maintains a similar structure throughout but switches up for the final chorus. Rather than the soothing, synth waves found in the previous ones, this chorus utilizes the production found in the verse, rounding out the track perfectly. Then in the outro, the production slows to the soft synth music with Rev’s muffled voice singing the first three lines of the chorus as the song steadily fades away. “Something Again” is a vibrant track with a complex production that is designed to help listeners dance away their broken hearts.

Alexia Rev is a Paris-born, New York City-raised singer-songwriter, now based in Los Angeles. Coming from a family of classically trained musicians, Rev has possessed a strong admiration for music from a young age. She grew up with a mixture of influences from artists such as Ray Charles, Elton John, and Prince. These influences led to her non-genre conforming style, with a perfect blend of pop, funk, R&B, and classic rock. Rev made her debut in October 2021 with her single, “Lemonade”. After a few more releases, “Something Again” marks her first single of 2023, and her ninth single overall. In these two short years, Rev has already made huge waves in the music industry. Her songs have garnered attention from industry tastemakers, such as Mundane Magazine, Hollywood Digest, and A&R Factory in the United States, and LeFuturewav and Iggy Magazine in France. She has performed at iconic venues in Los Angeles such as The Vigil, The Mint, and Adults only. She continues to grow as an artist and is on her way to well-deserved superstardom.

Written By Karlee Skipper



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