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  • Megan Cao

Review: "Something for the Weekend" - Nick Kandler

“Something for the Weekend” is an effortlessly chill and bouncy summer track about a sudden flame that’s reserved for the weekends. Summer is the season of absolutely nothing going on and everything going on, with weeks interlaid with lounging days and action-packed days. Kandler draws a parallel with allocating a flame to these action-packed days but is not yet ready to share a life with them. But for summer, the season of fancies and flings, Kandler turns something for the weekend into confident and cocky interpolations about both a sudden flame and the joys of summer.

Kandler uses his smooth and mellow voice with a danceable background. Though the song starts slower, it gradually picks up in speed as the chorus cruises past, catchy yet lowkey. Kandler croons as his melody worms its way into the audience’s ears, the bouncy guitar accompanied by the ever-present beat of the drums. As he sighs about making their fling “only for the weekend”, Kandler’s mannerisms and personality perfectly complement the suave character he’s portraying, and his outstanding work in production alongside his collaborators Shepps and King Wizard provides a beautiful base to work off of.

Nick Kandler is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter and producer currently based in Los Angeles. Releasing his debut single “Closure” in 2020, he took a small hiatus as the world grappled with the pandemic. But all that time away led him to come back with two more singles in 2022, “Kill You Slowly” and “Stay” reaching over 200,000 listens combined on Spotify. In 2023, Kandler released “Good Life” in March and “Something for the Weekend” in May, revving up for a potential new EP or maybe even an album. Though he’s only released five tracks, Kandler has left his mark on the industry, and his upcoming projects are sure to continue to wow and impress.

Written By Megan Cao


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