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  • Emily Hancock

Review: "Something I Hate" - ROSIE

What I seemingly thought would be a breakup song, quickly turned into one of the most gut-wrenchingly beautiful ballads I’ve ever heard. “Something I Hate” is a song written about overcoming lifelong insecurities. ROSIE is brutally honest in her lyrics as she sings about her struggle with accepting the things she hates about herself. Not only is this single a gorgeous reminder about how we have issues with ourselves, but it also shares a tragically beautiful message about others loving you regardless. It’s so obvious how ROSIE portrays her confusion on not understanding how anyone could love the same things that she hates about herself. This idea by itself is such a powerful thought. The fact that it’s so easy for us to tear ourselves down, damage our bodies, and go through pain because we hate ourselves… and yet someone out there is thinking the exact opposite. They’re thinking that they love that one very specific part of us. I think this is an incredibly well executed concept and it brings so many emotions to the surface that some of us may not have expected.

Along with the alluring meaning in the lyrics, the musical aspects of “Something I Hate” are to be praised equally. The track is made up of mainly acoustic guitar with some light percussive drum-like cracks in the mix. The simplicity of these lines makes the focus on ROSIE and her vocals. The sweet, light and pure sound that ROSIE sings with is no doubt one to admire and compliment. She sings not only with perfect rhythm, air support, tone and pitch, but also sings with passion. You can’t mistake her singing for anything else other than what it is– passionate. Her words are dripping with ambivalence. There is power in her lyrics, as well as power within her voice.

Wanting to create a safe place online through her music, ROSIE found fame after her stripped breakup song, “Never the 1” reached over 15 million views on TikTok. The New York native has a knack for turning pain and loss into motivation and comfort. Along with the titles of mental health advocate, classical violinist, and guitarist, ROSIE now can add the titles of major label recording artist. This 21-year-old singer/songwriter is here to bring a transparent view into her life and emotions. No filter, makeup, or fake news. ROSIE has only just began on her journey to stardom, and you won’t want to miss a thing.

Written By Emily Hancock



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