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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Something Regrettable" - Felicia Lu

Felicia Lu has finally released her highly anticipated debut album, Something Regrettable, and with it comes the infectious title track. With both the song and the album, Lu gives her listeners an insight on the inner workings of her mind as a “twenty-something year old.” The track utilizes empowering lyrics to describe her experience with letting go of the toxicity in her life once she had realized she is better off without it. Whether it is caused by another person or an unhealthy vice, she decided to cut off the bad and do what makes her happy. While this message can be applied to many situations, Lu specifically wrote the song in response to the ending of a romantic relationship. The track is composed of many brilliantly written lyrics, making it difficult to pin-point the best. However, the singer poetically wraps up the entire message of the track with the final line of the pre-chorus as she sings: “The man you loved is the devil in disguise.” This perfectly encapsulates the idea that, in hindsight, this relationship was doomed and her partner was entirely toxic. In the moment, she was infatuated by him, but now that it is over, her eyes are open to the truth. The chorus continues this idea with the hook: “How could I miss something regrettable?” and “How could I want something so regrettable.” With the relationship in the past, her rose-colored glasses are shattered as she sees her partner for who he truly is—someone to regret. Furthermore, Lu includes additional clever lyrics in the bridge as she ties back to her tenth track from the album and earlier single, “Not My Friend.” In the last line, she sings: “Let me remind you that you’re not my friend.” This is a fun easter egg that fans can easily catch while Lu ingeniously shares that the two songs may be about the same person. With “Something Regrettable,” Lu once again showcases her characteristic skillful songwriting while conveying a relatable message that resonates with her listeners.

“Something Regrettable” is a high-energy pop anthem that brings to life the song’s empowering message. The track kicks-off with a bass guitar riff and subtle synth waves that set the fiery atmosphere. After a few measures, the instrumentation is briefly cut-off, before returning with a heavy drum beat. This signifies the beginning of the verse led by Lu’s compelling vocals. A steady beat and soft percussion are heard, while the bass continues in the background. When the pre-chorus hits, the drums and bass mute, leaving the production to only Lu’s distinctive voice and additional synth sound effects. The vocals have an added reverb to them that create an extra dynamic to the song. The instrumentation slowly builds, preparing the listener for the explosion into the chorus. While the full production returns, additional synth and keyboard notes are played, bringing an electronica vibe to the track. In the post-chorus, vocal effects are added to have the lyrics reverberate through the speakers. This effect is even more powerful when listening with headphones, as it bounces from one ear to the other. The second verse and chorus maintain the same production, never letting off from the entirely infectious soundscape. In the bridge, the bass mutes, drawing focus on the lyrics with the synth and the beat. The reverb continues as Lu’s voice guides the listener through the song, enhancing the multi-layered production. The end of the bridge is signified by a record-scratching sound effect, before bursting into the final chorus. The first half utilizes only the bass and Lu’s voice, before a synth effect builds back into the full production. As Lu sings the last line, “something regrettable,” the instrumentation becomes slightly muffled, bringing one final emphasis to the clever hook. Every single song Lu writes and releases has an incredibly meticulous production that proves she is ahead of the game and deserves to be the industry’s next big pop queen.

Felicia Lu is an indie-pop singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer from Germany, currently based in Vienna, Austria. In 2014, she made it to the finals of the RTL Talent Show, “Rising Star”. Then in 2017, she was a contestant for the Eurovision Song Contest. She returned to the world-famous contest in 2022 with her song “Anxiety” and placed fourth for Germany. In June 2023, she performed at Donauinselfest 2023, where she performed on the main stage powered by Hitradio ö3. With both “Anxiety” and her second biggest single, “Pay,” the two tracks amount to over 3 million streams on Spotify. Furthermore, Lu has a total of over 14 million streams for her entire discography on the platform. She has 2 extended play albums and several stand-alone singles. On September 29, 2023, she released her debut full-length album, Something Regrettable.

Written By Karlee Skipper



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