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  • Emily Hancock

Review: "Sonder" - The Wrecks

The Wrecks are back again with their newest album release, “Sonder”. The title track, named after the album, is a bold and emotional pop-punk piece that explores the main concepts for this album. The song “Sonder” is about a slow breakup that really digs deep into the feelings you go through during heart break. The raw honesty about hopelessness and the words that were never said between two people, make this tune all the more of an iconic summer hit. “Sonder” is a perfect mix of alt-rock and a love ballad that showcases The Wrecks talent for genre-bending and their unique musical genius.

Nothing says breakup ballad like electric guitar. “Sonder” is heavily based on this guitar and in-your-face drum set beats. This rock anthem does a great job of balancing the instrumentation to make sure the melodic lines don’t cover up the more modern pop lyrical writing. The bass lines are epic and add just the right amount of flavor to make this track what it is. I really enjoyed the more simplistic rhythms of the chorus in the lyrics. The separation of each word of “I thought by now…” really adds this drama that I felt like perfectly represented the anger of a breakup. The fights and conflicting feelings, the regret of not saying the words you were supposed to, the longing for things to work out are all perfectly represented and shown through “Sonder”.

The Wrecks are an American pop-rock band that found instant success following their debut single, “Favorite Liar” in 2016. The Wrecks continue to reach new heights with their riotous energy and natural charisma as they release their newest album “Sonder”. The group currently has over a million monthly Spotify listeners. Along with making it onto the Top 40 Alternative Radio hit multiple times, they have opened for many notable artists such as Nothing But Thieves, Paramore, and The Maine. The Wrecks are currently on tour in America, make sure you catch them live and grab tickets before they’re all sold out! You won’t want to miss out!

Written By Emily Hancock



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