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  • Zewdi Cass

Review: "Space From You" - Liv Charette

In true singer-songwriter fashion, Liv Charette's music thrives as she produces art from emotional introspection. While I wouldn't call it a sad song, "Space From You" surely pinpoints a specific feeling that's only described best through music. Through her lyrics, production, and melodies, the artist put together a song both relatable and easy to listen to.

"Space From You" utilizes ethereal vocals and distinct, sharp rhythms to express the artists feelings of comfort and yearning towards another. In the upbeat, dance-pop single, Liv Charette describes the desire to end nights out early in favor of an evening in with her significant other. A catchy chorus of angelic vocals repeats the lyric, 'I need space/but I don't need space from you,' perfectly capturing the ambivert mood of the single. Though her voice is soft in comparison to previous singles, Liv Charette's gentle tone brings indescribable emotion to the music that fabricates the meaning of the song.

While she spent several years chasing after a lucrative career as an Olympic figure skater, Liv Charette realized her true passion lay with music after her first live performance. After becoming a viral hit on TikTok, the Nashville based artist now has a podcast where she hosts several influential figures, from makeup artists to music industry executives. In October of 2021, Liv was invited to perform at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame during the celebration of Tina Turner's induction. Despite her busy schedule, Liv continues to self-release her music with "Space From You" being her third single of the year.

Written By Zewdi Cass



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