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  • Amanda Palacios

Review: "Spell it out to u" - Nikki Wishart

Everyone has a breaking point. Including those who seem to love too much to give up on a person. But when that person constantly repeats their narcissistic cycle of making you feel inadequate, it’s only a matter of time before the protagonist has to break it off. Nikki Wishart, the protagonist in this story, poetically chimes about realizing her self-worth in her indie-pop anthem, “Spell it out to u”. Saturated in sass and engulfed with burn lines that insinuate the guy has childlike characteristics, Nikki Wishart perfectly exemplifies what it could sometimes take to get the message across. In this case, it took spelling out everything he did wrong: “Nothing’s even getting through//I’m so over being used//So let me spell it out to u”. Throughout the song, we can see her confidence build, especially when she flipped her mindset from “I thought I did it right,” to, “You thought you did it right”. Her valiant lyrics should be a testament to everyone, everywhere, that you have the power and right to leave someone who makes you feel unworthy. While listening to the song, there was one word that was gilded in bold letters at the front of my brain. Allow me to spell it out to you: E M P O W E R M E N T.

From the beginning, the production itself holds an empowering sound, through its melodious guitar and buoyant drumbeats, giving the listener a reason to want to stay. The constant buildup of the instruments helps to create a coming of age tone, allowing the listener to feel as though they are the main character in the song’s story; making it an immersive experience. Just like the indie-pop/punk-rock band, Paramore, this track aspires to embolden the song’s angsty lyrics, proving that the storytelling doesn’t only lie within the words.

Nikki Wishart’s proclivity for compelling and thoughtful storytelling allows her to delve into her deepest and darkest feelings to paint picturesque stories in her music. From antagonized heartbreak, to mystified love, Nikki is a certified poet who can easily put what one’s feeling into words. At a young age, she knew that music would be something she would do at some point in her life. Based off her collection of promising singles, there’s no doubt this has always been her calling. Based in sunny Melbourne, Australia, Nikki Wishart continues to write and record her songs, with near-future plans to play a few gigs in 2023.

Written By Amanda Palacios



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