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  • Stephanie Berning

Review: "Spellbound" - Giorgia Bortoli

Photographer: Jacqueline Mckenzie

Have you ever been stuck in a cycle of breaking up and making up? In “Spellbound”, Giorgia Bortoli details being in a toxic relationship due to what feels like a terrible and never-ending cycle. The song continues and follows the singer into finding her power and manifesting the best life she can live, essentially breaking the "spellbound” curse of being in a bad relationship and following her own path. These self-empowering and vulnerable lyrics are backed up with a head-nodding melody and gorgeous vocals. All in all this track is cool, catchy, and has amazing lyrics which is why you have to give this song a listen.

Strong vocals, a disco rhythm, a catchy melody and synths galore create one of the best pop songs of the summer. “Spellbound” has the same baddie lyrics and energy as Lizzo with the danceable and electronic elements of Kylie Minogue. Although the single may seem dark and like a breakup ballad due to the initial lyrics and slower and more soulful soundscape at the beginning, it quickly flips your expectations by turning into an incredibly fun disco jam with absolutely stunning synths. Overall, this is the next summer bop that you need to add to your playlist, it will have you dancing and feeling like your best confident self.

Giorgia Bortoli is a singer/songwriter from Liverpool. Her music is inspired by and covers topics such as fatphobia, body positivity, love, and loss. She released her debut track in June 2022 titled, ”Summer Body” which is a pop song with an abstract synth-pop groove. “Spellbound” is her second single, which she released nearly a year later. Giorgia has also been making a name for herself by performing all over the Merseyside region. The singer has performed at venues such as All in The Same Boat, Soul City, The Empire, and many more. Making sure to give this new artist some support by clicking the links below and giving her a follow!

Written By Stephanie Berning


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