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  • Cate Schnoebelen

Review: "Spot the Light" - NOMENA

Pop duo NOMENA, has released another song this year, “Spot the Light”. This song sympathizes with feeling stuck in your life. With the pressures of day to day life to conform begins to wear down on you. Sometimes you can begin to get so caught up, and feel not able to find a way out. Through this track, the duo is showing what it is like to be a guiding hand and to “Spot the Light” in your daily life. The lines,“Spot the light before it’s dark out. There’s no exit in this game” informs you that there is still hope but you have to continue to look for the good. This song is inspiring, and NOMENA wants to show people it is truly amazing to be your own unique person.

“Spot the Light” has an eerie vibe, luring its listeners in note by note. As it progresses, NOMENA does a stunning job of blending bouncy beats with long and drawn out notes creating a beautiful contrast within this song. The striking and sassy tone captures you right away, pulling you in to let you feel what seems like the endless layers of “Spot the Light”. Erika drives the song with her long notes and harmonious tone, letting us weave though each word as her voice guides. Sitraka has formed an entire world around Erikas sound, making “Spot the Light” an addicting song. While captivating listeners by their sound, this duo is also able to make it mesh with this story of fighting against society.

The pop power duo, NOMENA is made up of two cousins who decided that their talents would be better suited together. 18 year old Erika Nomena is a singer and songwriter, while her older cousin, Sitraka Andriana works as the producer and technician of the group. This electrifying duo was formed when Erika was first starting out with solo projects, Sitraka began helping her and eventually they made an unstoppable team. Gaining momentum, the two have now released two songs this year, the first being “Talk of Town” and now “Spot the Light”. You won’t want to miss what this pair will take on next, so make sure to follow them below and listen to “Spot the Light”.

Written By Cate Schnoebelen


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