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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "Stand Together" - 7000apart

What has made 7000apart such an exciting pop-duo to follow is their ability to capture cinematic landscapes from mere snapshots of life. Hope becomes a flowing river, doubts are shouted over mountaintops, and, on their magnificent latest single, lingering feelings of discontent are fashioned into a cataclysmic event. "Stand Together" is a gentle call for mutual support in the face of catastrophe. In contrast to the apocalyptic imagery of the lyrics, the sound is softer and sweeter. It's a breathtaking track: anchored in the velvety plucking of an acoustic guitar and sparsely populated with the subtle production embellishments that elevate it. Even as drums rally a force behind Eiding's gorgeous voice in the second chorus, the power is tender rather than bullish. When you're in love, quiet mercy is as impactful as a tidal wave.

"The sky is falling tonight," Eiding croons throughout the sublime track. It's the type of line that a less considerate artist might pair with overblown melodrama, but 7000apart show a masterful restraint. Countless songs have engaged with these moments when the world comes crashing down, but 7000apart capture a nuance and honesty through tenderness and intimacy. It's a fresh and mature take on catastrophe that sets the duo on the vanguard of confessional pop. "Loneliness is calling / and I don't want to watch my world go up in flames," Eiding confesses. Despite the insurmountable foe they face, 7000apart never sound defeated. It's a complex foe they face, but the circumstances aren't bleak — they have themselves and each other.

Amelie Eiding and Jon Kresin met when Eiding left her hometown in Sweden to attend high school in Wisconsin. Their love story is one from a fairy tale, but they've focused artistically on the humble realities of mental health and their growth together. Eiding moved back to Sweden for three years, seeing the couple facing the 7000 kilometers between them, before they reunited and married in 2016. Since their 2019 debut album, the duo has released nine fantastic singles. Side A of their sophomore record, Feel Your Feelings, is set to release on December 6th.

Written By Andy Mockbee

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