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  • Isabel Mays

Review: “Stardust” - Neon Dreams

Losing a loved one can be an extremely difficult thing to go through. Whether they were family or a friend, death is tragic. And sometimes, given the situation, it can be hard to come to terms with everything going on. Luckily, Neon Dreams understands this pain and released their newest song “Stardust” with the hopes to help other people grieve when dealing with loss. The duo, made up of vocalist Frank Kadillak and drummer Adrian Morris, described the process of creating this song, where after hearing various stories from fans of how they lost someone close in their life. The lyrics are so well thought out and beautiful. “You’re the air that fills my lungs when we turn to stardust,” is a reference to something the duo was once told by a friend. She described how we are all made up of the same materials as stars, thus, we are stardust. It’s a beautiful thought, and in a way, makes the idea of death easier to process. I’m very glad that Neon Dreams opted to base a whole song around this, as we could all use a little bit of comfort when grieving.

This is genuinely such a unique song. I haven’t found myself getting emotional just off the instrumentals in a song in a while, but the guitar in the song was so simple. Paired with the stunning vocals from Kadillak and the heartfelt lyrics, it’s no surprise that this song was quickly added to my “Favorites” playlist. Neon Dreams has a style of music VERY similar to Coldplay, and honestly, I’d say that’s a good thing. This duo is refreshing, with songs that pull on your heartstrings and a sound that sounds so familiar… yet so new. I first listened to this song with my eyes closed, wanting to simply enjoy the song. But I soon found myself in a dream-like state, more relaxed than I had been in a long time. It’s not often a song that is able to put me so at ease. When the duo described the song as “feeling like a warm hug,” they really weren’t kidding.

Kadillak and Morris first started Neon Dreams back in 2015, and they released their debut album Sweet Dreams till Sunbeams in 2019. Since then, the band has experimented with making different styles of music, trying to find what would stick. This really opened the eyes of the people around them, and they quickly became a success. However, when Kadillak discussed how the band needed to change, he and Morris decided to start writing music that would help people, make them feel good, cheer them up, and help get them out of hard times and dark places. This change only boosted the duo further, and now, they rank in over 222 thousand monthly streams on Spotify. Furthermore, in 2020, the duo won the JUNO award for Breakthrough Group of the Year. These guys have so much success awaiting them in the future, more so than they’ve already received. And I’m glad I have a new favorite song to help me through the difficult period of loss.

Written By Isabel Mays



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