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  • Aaron Soltis

Review: "Staring At The Sky" - Thomas Lavine

When I first heard “Staring At The Sky” by Thomas Lavine, I had a moment of quiet reflection. The complicated yet delicate feeling of looking up at the sky and wondering about your place in the world, all the while letting your worries dissipate, is an essence that Thomas Lavine captures perfectly. During the verse, there is a particular line that has a lot of weight to it: “the trail that I've walked so long covers my feet in dust.” This beautiful line symbolizes the lasting effects of past experiences and what it can do to a person. The title of the song “Staring At The Sky” offers the idea of looking beyond the ground and into the future, which is later complemented by the line “I feel like I'm in heaven” where after letting go, all that’s left is a peaceful bliss.

Thomas Lavine uses a specific set of instruments that really brings home the message of his song. A soft acoustic guitar (doubled on both sides), a drifting piano, and an expert use of atmospheric synths leads to a unique but beautiful opening that is instantly memorable. As the song progresses on, a steady rhythmic section is introduced, providing momentum towards the end. A subtle but powerful detail is the doubling of the melody in the piano, which (when panned to the right) provides a beautiful echo effect. However, this song wouldn’t be the way it is without the beautiful voice that is Thomas Lavine. His soulful performance in this song will grasp you by the ears and bring you into an incredible story.

Thomas Lavine is a folk singer/songwriter from Blacksburg, South Carolina. Featuring 2 separate albums and multiple singles, this heartfelt artist mastered his craft and is now showing us the results. You can find out more about his music, merch, and upcoming shows on his website, Instagram, and his Facebook. That being said, if you're feeling a summer night looking-at-the-stars kind of vibe, head on over to Spotify and give this amazing artist a listen!

Written By Aaron Soltis



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