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  • Troy J Sica

Review: "Stars" - Drew Knight x Bradley Denniston

If you ever felt overwhelmed and stressed when trying to 'reach for the stars,' or your ambitions, "Stars," by Drew Knight and Bradley Denniston should definitely be added to your playlist. Even when it "feels like you're falling," Drew Knight and Bradley Denniston are there to catch you through their powerful club-like dance music tied with their metaphorical lyrics and melodies; truly capturing the listeners attention.

Drew Knight and Bradley Denniston's song, "Stars," is open to many interpretations. One could say that the song is about a heart-break, where a partner acts like a falling star, drowning in all their star-gazing memories with their ex significant other. Another, which I personally interpreted, could say that the song is about not being able to achieve your goals and ambitions. When these lyrics are sung in the chorus, "I'm falling into an ocean full of stars tonight" the listener could make a connection to the old saying, "Reach for the Stars," and think maybe the protagonist or singer of the song is drowning in their overwhelming stress of trying to succeed in life, whether that be romantically, financially or socially. Either interpretation or the listener's own interpretation is their own opinion but the message tied in with electronic club-like dance music will definitely have the song stuck in your head.

DREW KNIGHT is a Synthwave/Retrowave artist from Florida. He may only have two singles under his belt but Knight is turning heads across the globe. For his new song, "Stars," he collaborated with the wonderful BRADLEY DENNISTON, who is a producer, engineer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist based out of the city Los Angeles, California. Denniston has worked on major blockbuster movies and if you want to follow his journey along with Drew Knight be sure to follow their socials down below!

Written By Troy Sica




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