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  • Amanda Palacios

Review: "Startover" - ROSIE

Starting over is always the hardest part. But sometimes it takes going one step back in order to take ten steps forward. ROSIE takes that backstep by delving deep into her mind in her enlightened new single, “Startover,” which shows her realizing that she needs to let go of certain parts of herself that no longer serve a purpose. Optimistic, yet nostalgic, the song’s production itself guides the listener through her conflicting thoughts, questions and decisions; almost as if it’s revealing her path towards redemption. Although she had to go through the growing pains that come with change, wisdom blossomed from her experience. Ultimately allowing her to provide a powerfully rich message for those who struggle with negative mental health dictatorship. So yes, starting over is hard, but ROSIE shows that by doing so, you are making room for a new life to bloom.

“So can we start over?/ Maybe letting go is how we get closer/ And if letting go is how we get closure/ Let’s say goodbye and then we’ll start over.” The comforting chorus highlights ROSIE’s elated epiphany to start a new relationship with herself. One that enables her to see life through rose-colored glasses instead of through the hazy gray abyss her mind was once at. The buoyant beats and mellifluous piano chords bring these lyrics to life, creating a vibrant aesthetic that fulfills the track’s ambitious aura. Even ROSIE’s vocals exude translucent triumph, which act as a promise to her listeners that she is going to follow through with her plan to end her toxic self-relationship. As a river of hopeful fruition, “Startover” overflows with words and instrumentation that are sweet for the soul.

Based in New York, ROSIE is an established singer/songwriter known for her ethereal vulnerability and melancholic rawness. Setting her musical sights on somber themes—as heard in her 2021 album, “20mg of Happiness”— she has since veered her path towards creating work that reflects honesty and spreading motivational messages. Her newest single, “Startover”, represents this as she sings about fighting with her mental health and her pursuit to end it. Artists like her are well received within the industry. Thus proven by her Spotify track-record of over 900,000 monthly streams and her large social media presence. Dipped in 100% unfiltered relatability, ROSIE is as real as it gets.

Written By Amanda Palacios



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