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  • Emily Hancock

Review: "Sticks and Stones" - Alex Parker X Peg

Alex Parker’s newest EDM-pop single, “Sticks and Stones” goes back to the summer of 2019. Parker is in LA and hits up a buddy, two weeks later they have a song. A few hours later, they had incredible vocals and BAM– a hit was made. “Sticks and Stones” is all about reliving these summer memories for Parker. With a loose message regarding relationships, this track is really all about the new progressive house elements as it takes on the night-life music scene.

Electric, fun, uptempo and viral are a few words to describe “Sticks and Stones”. This track has majority synths and percussive beats to create a foundation for light, angelic vocals that give off an air of sexy and cool. When listening to this song for the first time, I hardly paid any attention to the lyrics, I was so focused on the way this made me feel. Music should always have the goal of reaching the audience in a way where they feel something, and this tune did that. I felt so free and lost in the need to dance. This hit is perfect for the club life and deserves lasers and lights supporting its unreachable energy. There are no other feelings, or way to describe this song, other than perfect for nightlife!

This Romanian born songwriter/DJ has been involved in music since the age of 6 when he first took up piano. By 13, Parker was in local pubs and bars in Bucharest playing mixed genres of music, that all received praise. Moving away from rock, blues, and funk, Alex developed skills in sound design, production and audio which led him to begin his career in DJ-ing and mixing. He wrote, produced and mixed over 50 songs for Romania’s top Artists such as Atonia, Della and Morandi. His first international hit came out in 2016­– “Tropical Sun”. From there, Parker has released many singles that gained him a large following. Parker has performed at music festivals and made connections with many LA powerhouses. Later, Parker returned to Romania and co-founded Creator Records.

Written By Emily Hancock



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