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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Still Have July" - Frances Whitney

Frances Whitney Still Have July Cover Art

Frances Whitney is a force to be reckoned with, using 2024 to kickstart her career with an undeniable bang. In March, she made her official musical debut with her single, “Easy Street,” followed by her sophomore release, “Holding On.” While these two songs garnered her new listeners, “Still Have July” has solidified her place as one of the industry's most intriguing “artists to watch.” With the third single from her upcoming EP, Whitney shares a story of nostalgia, longing, and heartache. The singer took inspiration from the novel Bonjour Tristesse by Françoise Sagan, as well as her own personal experiences with summer love, and turned it into a soul-crushing “will-they won’t they” anthem. Through her insightful lyricism, Whitney shares the internal battle within her mind, wondering if they are just a summer fling or meant to be something more. While every lyric cuts deep, the second verse holds a special line that stood out to me more than the others. Whitney sings: “You’re not sly but you’re not mine// We’re choking on goodbye.” These lines seem to imply that they both were trying to play it cool and casual, but the reality of saying goodbye at the end of the summer leaves them hurt, struggling to say the words. But in the end, at least for now, they “still have July.” The clever song effortlessly describes the complex feelings surrounding a summer romance. Through the poetic words, listeners are able to resonate with the meaningful message while the song serves as a cathartic release for the talented artist.


Alongside these vulnerable lyrics, “Still Have July” contains a whimsical soundscape that beautifully blends the sounds of classic rock and indie pop. The track begins with a fingerstyle steel string guitar which is quickly met by Whitney’s sweet voice to effortlessly lull the listener into the soothing atmosphere. The style of the guitar is more intricate than expected from the genre, showcasing the artist’s multiple talents and her natural propensity to craft her own genre. The production is staggered, introducing each new instrumentation in phases. In the verse, only the guitar and vocals are present, followed by the bass in the pre-chorus. Then, the production increases in the chorus with the introduction of the percussion. The chorus also picks up two electric guitars in the background—one playing chords and another playing the melody. The lively production stays consistent through the remainder of the track, utilizing the background chords to signify the transition into the next verse. Whitney’s infectious production paired with her stunning vocals and introspective lyrics forms an unforgettable summer anthem, making “Still Have July” one of my favorite tracks of the season.


Frances Whitney is an alt-pop singer-songwriter from San Francisco, California. The talented artist identifies first and foremost as a songwriter above all else. Even when she was overseas playing professional volleyball, she still found herself spending her free time playing her guitar. When she retired from sports, she returned to the world of music and artistry. Her style is a wonderous blend of 1970s rock and modern indie folk, forming an unforgettable soundscape. With three incredible singles under her belt, make sure you follow Whitney on all socials to keep up with all new releases and announcements.

Written By Karlee Skipper



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