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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "story for you" - VALDIS

We're all subject to growing up, and while we gain freedom and figure out who we are, there's always going to be this part of us that wants to go back to when everything was more straightforward. We go through many things, good and bad, that mold us into different people. While we should hope to be proud of who we're growing to be, we idealize our past as it gets further, fantasize about our youth, and sometimes miss how bright, and hopeful we used to be. "story for you" by VALDIS talks about exactly that. With an emotional pop ballad paired with nostalgic lyrics and her stunningly airy voice--we're brought to the feeling of missing who we used to be.

There's something emotional with piano ballads. There's already so much we can say within a song, but with the inclusion of a piano-based melody, we're instantly transported to a calm state-- forced to focus on the meaning behind the music. When we do, it envelops us. "story of you" starts with an enamoring piano melody, the track bringing us into a melancholy vibe. The notes meld together to keep the tone deep and dark, but with VALDIS' voice, we're seeing her juxtapose this to make it feel hopeful. She sings, "I'm caught in a minute/Let me stay right in it" asking for time to pause and let us live in the blissful feeling of the past. With this, she brings in echo-y vocals and sounds throughout the song to reverberate this feeling through us, which perfectly establishes the lyrics in the setting.

Coming from a small town in northern Iceland, VALDIS releases her new single, "story for you". This 22-year-old singer/songwriter grew up listening to all different genres of music and has worked on singing since she could remember. She's established herself as a prominent female voice within the music industry with her music. She plays on the contemporary pop sound with deep basslines, honest lyrics, and sentimental vocals. VALDIS shows listeners a vulnerability with her music by writing from the heart--letting her past life experiences heavily influence her songs and captivates fans with the relatable quality she holds.

Written by Jane Katryn


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