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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "Strange Men" - Lois

Lois’, “Strange Men”, is a song about losing yourself in a relationship where the effort wasn’t reciprocated, but not realizing that until the break-up. The title of the song is used to indicate how these types of men in relationships are indeed strange. They want things done a certain way, they’re selfish and tend to not match the effort that their significant other, or in this case Lois, is providing for them. This song is used as an outlet for Lois. She uses it to reflect on what happened leading up to the break-up, the things she did that her ex wasn’t deserving of, and how she realized that she lost herself during that time. Relationships like these are often stressful. You want your person to be happy and satisfied with the way you're treating them and providing for them, but sometimes you just don’t realize how one-sided it is until it's too late.

Lois specifies a couple of things that felt “off” during their time together. She says, “I put my heart on a plate for you. I'd sit there and pray for you. But would you do the same? I opened my mind to you. Did my hair how you liked me to. But would you do the same?” These examples show how she did anything to make him happy, whether it was making herself look a certain way that he preferred, praying for him, and fulfilling other things just to see him happy. And although she asks if he would have done the same to her, or matched the effort, the answer is clearly no. She put him first, before taking care of herself and making sure she was happy. However, she felt that the relationship was definitely one-sided and that she was losing herself while being with him and caring for him more than she should have. He didn’t appreciate her and her efforts at all. In the song, you can catch the guitar and drums. In one particular verse, after breaking down her ex’s lack of efforts, she says “losing myself” six times. This part sounds as if she's in a daydream, with lots of harmonies and things slowing down. It sounds dreamy and beautiful, but she’s actually being vulnerable here. This also might be her way of showing how she was ignoring the red flags and signs around her, and losing focus of what was happening during their time together. She didn’t realize how she was being done dirty and losing herself until the very end of their time together. After this verse, her voice projects again, we hear the beat pick back up, and we hear the return of the drums and loud bass. She deserves better than what these Strange Men were giving her. This is Lois’ story and I’m sure many women around the world can relate to her situation and appreciate her honesty.

Lois is an alternative-pop artist from Leeds, United Kingdom. Her most popular song is “The Way You Are” with over 145,000 plays. She also has one other song released that you can check out titled, “Twist in the Wind.” This song is about acknowledging your negative thoughts and feelings then restarting again, so you can grow into a better person. According to her Spotify page, she has over 6,000 monthly listeners. Make sure to follow Lois on her musical journey with the links below, and check out her latest single, “Strange Men'' out now on all streaming platforms!

Written By Sneet Efrem



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