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  • Julia Hooper

Review: "Strangers on a Train" - Connor Kirk

Most can relate to the dream of finding their true love. Many hopeless romantics have the tendency to envision every passerby as a potential soulmate. Connor Kirk’s new single, “Strangers on a Train” communicates a tale of longing for the perfect relationship, opposed to the more commonly found short-lived romance. The song almost presents itself as a ballad to a love not yet found. Connor’s rich voice and subtle rasp bring an old-school vibe to the tune. The song’s beautiful lyrics bring forth much personality and mystery. For instance, the verse “They’re selling love that’s tailor made for me and you” leaves audiences feeling the butterflies of a blooming romance. “Strangers on a Train” contains groovy instrumentation and hearty vocals that serenade listeners and present a sound to accompany the feeling of real connection.

“Strangers on a Train” opens with subtle guitar strumming, soon contrasted with the addition of a booming drum beat. Simple synths add a high-pitched instrument to the single, elevating the romantic and dreamy elements of the song. Connor’s strong voice ranges from rich and deep to angelic and high-pitched. His vocals contain the perfect amount of funk that makes for a nostalgic and classic listen. This fusion of pop and funk-rock is the unique style that has been missing from the modern music scene. His utilization of vocal layering adds an echoing effect that pairs nicely with the song’s vintage vibe. “Strangers on a Train” is the perfect track to evoke passionate dancing and pure glee.

Based in Philadelphia, Connor Kirk is a talented singer-songwriter and electric performer. With notes of pop, punk, alternative-rock and funk, Connor’s music caters to a wide audience. His debut EP, titled “Fire in America” was released in 2020 and its song “Your Kind of Love” has reached over 4.1k streams on Spotify alone. In 2022 Connor released four new singles, closing out the year with his most recent bop, "Dancing With The Dogs”. He is active on TikTok, posting content that gives fans a glimpse into the life of a rising musician. Aside from song promotion, Connor posts clips from his live performances, where we can see his lively dancing, audience interaction and some acoustic reinterpretations of his original music. Connor has a star quality stage presence and has opened for bands such as Ceramic Animal and Young the Giant. Connor Kirk’s wide vocal range, creative lyricism and exhilarating personality set him apart as a talented artist with limitless potential.

Written By Julia Hooper



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