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  • Julia Hooper

Review: "Strong" - Lois

Sometimes your heart can speak louder than your brain, especially when it comes to turning a blind eye to red flags in a toxic relationship. Lois’s new single, “Strong” is an alt-pop anthem with notes of R&B and indie influence that communicates a narrative of realizing someone you care about is holding you back in life. Her meaningful lyricism presents themes of reflection, anger, confidence and self-respect. Lines such as, “Want to move forward but you’re holding me down” and “But why does my heart leave me wanting more” perfectly captures the struggle of wanting to leave behind a person who brings negativity into your life yet letting the love you hold for them keep you from moving on. “Strong” presents audiences with a highly relatable message of pain and simultaneously provides the motivation to put yourself first and demand the respect you deserve. Lois’s soulful vocals, moving lyricism and remarkable instrumentation make “Strong” a must-listen-to track with undeniable groove and empowering messaging.

“Strong” is a track that immediately pleases the ear. With stunning orchestral samples, delicate piano, playful percussion, distorted synth noise and divine backing vocals, the track’s instrumentation alone Is enough to warrant its addition to your favorite playlist. The single contains the most magical and groovy rhythm, firmly established by Lois’s unique and mesmerizing voice and impressive vocal range. Lois adds soothing harmonies and ethereal vocalizations to make “Strong” even more beautiful. “Strong” and its official music video were released on April 14th. The video, directed by Christopher Gribbin, features high quality video production and excellent visual storytelling. The music video’s aesthetics and artistic direction perfectly matches the tracks unique sound. For instance, there is plentiful motion videography, utilization of zooming in and out of shots and eccentric scene framing that give off a trippy or hallucinogenic vibe that compliments the song’s wild instrumentation. “Strong” has garnered over 1.3k streams on Spotify and almost 1k views on YouTube in just the 12 days since its release.

Hailing from Leeds, Lois is a rising alt-pop artist with hints of indie and R&B inspiration. In 2022, she released her debut single, “The Way You Are” which was streamed over 70k+ times in its first four weeks. Now the single has accumulated over 147.4k streams. In May of 2022, Lois released her second single, “Twist in the Wind” which has received almost 9k streams on Spotify and 2k views on its accompanying music video on YouTube. In February 2023, Lois released her third single and title track of her upcoming EP, “Strange Men”, which has performed very well with over 15.6k Spotify streams and 8.6k views on its official music video. Lois's music can be discovered on various highly followed playlists, such as “Fresh Finds UK”, “Independent Music Monday” and “Girl on Fire” which alone has 30.1k likes on Spotify. Lois’s new single, “Strong” is another track off her highly anticipated debut EP, “Strange Men” which is set to release on May 26th. “Strange Men”, according to Lois, is an assortment of tracks for the girls who had to become women too fast. The songs blend the feelings of pain, dissociation and falling in love by recounting on Lois’s life and experiences as a woman from the ages of 16 to 21. The “Strange Men” vinyl, cd, cassette and other merch is now available for pre-order on Lois’s online store. Luckily for fans, Lois will be preforming live on Friday, April 28th at Sound City, the UK’s leading independent music festival in Liverpool.

Written By Julia Hooper



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