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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "Stumbling" - Sarcastic Sounds

Nobody has their finger on the defeated pulse of young adults quite like Jeremy Fedryk, AKA Sarcastic Sounds. Like the plant spilling from its pot on the cover (as well as the music video) of his latest single, "Stumbling," any progress can be wiped away in an instant. With immaculately-produced beats, live drums, and plucky guitars, the sound of "Stumbling" is undeniably current. The breeziness to the production allows for space to breathe within its weed-soaked soundscape. This makes Sarcastic Sounds' latest single the perfect sound for blissful afternoons on the couch, parking lot hotboxing, or late night comedowns.

Lyrically, "Stumbling" follows the trendy, of-the-moment sound with self-deprecation, humor, and reference. "Think I'm too stressed to be blessed," he remarks. These bars color the single with personality, tapping into a very current mood of malaise. Ultimately, "Stumbling" hits its stride when Fedryk flexes his sharp wit and wordplay. "Every hit that I take's a knockout blow," he sings, equal parts funny and confessional. These moments highlight the unique perspective his Sarcastic Sounds moniker suggests, but also hint towards the person underneath. The reason "Stumbling" succeeds as an emotionally revealing song is because the goofy references ("every L that I take, I smoke one,") brings out the startling honesty behind its more direct admissions. "I don't know how I do it, but I find a way." Sarcastic Sounds balances it all on the tightrope of optimism.

Sarcastic Sounds is the creative project of Canadian producer and singer/songwriter, Jeremy Fedryk. Signed to Columbia, he has a stacked resumé. Learning production in his teen years, Sarcastic Sounds has had a remarkable breadth of experience at such a young age. Prior collaborations include the likes of Powfu, Rxseboy, and Sista Prod. Notably, Fedryk even coproduced the track "Mahogany" on Lil Wayne's 2020 album Funeral. The young producer has released a myriad of singles, each showcasing his impressive and versatile skill alongside his love for lo-fi hip-hop. "Stumbling" releases ahead of his forthcoming, debut album.

Written By Andy Mockbee

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