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  • Megan Cao

Review: "Stupid Boy" - Arden Alexa

“Stupid Boy” is a cheeky and fun jam about how frankly, boys are just stupid. Her lovely bedroom pop sound suits the stunningly catchy chorus. This song is unextractable from the well-thought-out and wholesome music video. Beginning with Arden dressed beautifully in a prom dress only to be stood up, Arden’s childhood and high-school friends pull up and take her to the mall, engaging in childish hijinks like running around, shopping, playing games, and even creating a Build-A-Bear. Meanwhile, Alexa laments at how boys simply can’t pick up on social cues even for a girl dressed to the nines.

Inspired by pop powerhouses like Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande, Alexa embeds the track with warmth, from the powerfully wistful vocals to the stark chords on the guitar. Her raw and earnest vocals add texture and depth to the well of emotions that she emits, pairing beautifully to transport the audience into the hole of heartbreak that a boy so callously left in her. Without much pomp or circumstance, Alexa induces all of her heartbreak and emotion in an ode to all those who’ve been hurt by a stupid boy. Her poetry and attention to crafting a narrative testify to the lyrical powerhouse she is beginning to become.

Arden Alexa’s unique sound has been developed by infusing her quirky and youthful indie style into stadium anthems. Born and raised in San Francisco, Alexa spent her after-school hours cutting her teeth in the Bay Area’s music scene. After her debut single “The Coast” in 2021, she followed it up with a six-track EP “Day Dreams”, welcoming and demonstrating her talent. Since embarking on her journey as a full-time musician in June 2022, Alexa has had much to show for her efforts: “Strawberry Pie” infused her modern sound with her exuberant personality, and “Stupid Boy” is an ode to spending prom alone and finding your worth.

Written By Megan Cao


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