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  • Kaitlyn Nicole

Review: "Sugar Rush" - SABRINA

There's nothing quite like love. Love can hold a lot of meanings and is a very complex feeling. The cliché perspective of love is having feelings for someone romantically - but it can be so much more than that. It can be the way you feel when you're in your happy place, the feeling when you're eating your favorite food, or how you feel when you're doing your favorite activity. "Sugar Rush" by SABRINA emphasizes the sweetness of how it feels to just love and be happy, no matter what the circumstance that makes you feel that way is.

"Sugar Rush" sounds just as sweet as it's title. SABRINA's vocals are soft and comforting, her kind vibrato reminds me of a hummingbird. This is a song that you can listen to when you're stressed, as it has an incredibly relaxing nature. The beat gives off a soft RnB vibe, with a soulful pop electric guitar and dark bass notes that give it energy and livelihood. The melody is hauntingly beautiful, but has just enough brightness to make you feel a sense of euphoria.

SABRINA is an independent Alt. Pop singer/songwriter from Brighton, UK. She's gotten attention from BBC Radio on quite a few occasions including several "Track of The Day" Features on "Introducing the South". She's performed live for the Danny Pike Show for "Local Radio Day" as well as live performances on the Introducing Radio segments. Her previous single "Drive" was recognized by Spotify and added to one of their Editorial Playlists. SABRINA is one to keep an eye out for!



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