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  • Stephanie Berning

Review: "Sugar Tears" - Amber Lowe & Kult Eviction

Has a person ever seemed sweeter than they were? Lowe details this experience in her single, “Sugar Tears”. On this track, the songwriter sings about chasing a boy and how when she finally has him, she realizes that he wasn’t what she imagined. The vocalist writes about how the fantasy of the boy was better than reality and how she deserves more. The self-empowering lyrics are accompanied by incredible vocals and amazing instrumentals. Throughout the single, the instrumental tone changes to complement the moody or playful lyrics. Overall, “Sugar Tears” is a catchy song that wIll have you singing “I guess you like my sugar tears”.

As soon as the guitar riff starts the track, you know you have a hit. The steady guitar is then joined by a building bass and smooth vocals by Lowe that will have you bopping your head. The chorus then begins and it is bedroom pop at its finest with an upbeat melody and gorgeous layered vocals. As the song continues, it slows down for the bridge. This stand-out moment is initially stripped back, focusing on the singer's fantastic voice; as she sings, the melody begins to fasten with impactful drums. “Sugar Tears” comes to an end with a final chorus that includes great cymbals. Ultimately, this single is a fun indie pop track that you will have playing on repeat.

Amber Lowe is a London-based singer-songwriter. She released her debut single in April 2022, with collaborator Kult Eviction. Kult Eviction is a producer who plays the guitar, piano, synths, drums, and bass on Lowe’s pop tracks. This songwriter’s indie bedroom pop sound has elements from electronic music and is inspired by her favorite artists such as Radiohead, Beabadoobee, Clairo, Wolf Alice, and PinkPantheress. The singer has always had a passion for music, performing acoustic versions of her music growing up. Recently, she has been able to perform on bigger stages, like the Purify Festival this upcoming April.

Written By Stephanie Berning



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