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  • Kelli Dixon

Review: "Summer High" - Jordyn Sugar

The temperature is not the only thing that heats up in the summer. Love is a great feeling to experience year-round, but it seems to be even more so in the summer. That’s why everyone wants a summer fling. It’s sad that they can be fleeting, for we want them to be around us all the time. That way, when the temperature cools and the leaves change, you can still have that “Summer High.” Jordyn Sugar’s bright and energetic pop tune is not only about love. It is also about the great feelings that come with warmer weather. Even if romance is not in your summer plans, this song will make you daydream about tanning by the pool or laying out on the beach. Make sure you wear sunscreen!

One aspect of “Summer High” that I really enjoyed was the instrumentation. The drums made it energetic all the way through which really fit the title of the song. They are calm on the verses as Sugar sings “last night forgot to tell you how I feel.” You can hear the build-up on the chorus when she says, “oh baby, no don’t go…” The drums speed up and are combined with a piping keyboard. This is also when Sugar works up the nerve to tell her crush how she feels with the words, “you’re my summer high.” After this, I liked the repetition of the word, “summer.” I think it gives the song a great pop sound. Needless to say, every element of this song plays a role in creating the perfect summer jam.

Jordyn Sugar was born in Toronto, Ontario and currently resides in Quebec. Her passion for music began at an early age when she started playing the drums. When she took up singing in 2019, she learned how to play the guitar and drums as well. Sugar posted a singing video on TikTok in May 2020 and started to build up her fanbase. Since then, she has continued to work hard on her music, releasing “Summer High” in 2022. If you want to hear more of her, I recommend her other 2022 single, “Good in My Shoes,” an inspirational pop track about not comparing yourself to others. Sugar’s most recent release is “Stranger,” a song about getting over a breakup. Make sure you follow all of her socials down below to be the first to hear of any new releases!

Written By Kelli Dixon



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