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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "Summer In My Head" - Goldpark

Indie-rock trio Goldpark returned on September 9th with this stunning new single titled “Summer In My Head”, a track to remind us how our expectations aren't always reality. It’s a feel-good track, talking about what it means to be young and looking back at all our memories so far. But if you’re looking for a summer-loving, fun song, you both can and can’t find it here. When you first dive into the song, you’ll be immersed in a summery feeling, the reminiscent sparkling feeling of being in the sun on a beach. But, as you listen deeply into the lyrics, you’ll realize that’s not what the track is actually about. Goldpark removes the idealist lens on the summer season to bring us “Summer In My Head” to tell us that we imagine it all—the reality is kicking in, and it’s probably not going to meet our expectations.

With a classic summery feel, Goldpark brings us an anti-summer song. The irony brings a fun and refreshing tune with lush production, vocals, and piano chords—a track that surpasses the definition of stunning. The entire song is fantastic, with Hunter singing, “Summer’s always better in my head” to bring us back to earth from the dreamy feeling. The track talks about how we’re looking at our memories through rose-colored glasses, questioning, “is the summer really that nice?” Goldpark touches on the idea that we don’t have the time to have the time of our lives anymore; the liberating summer feeling only existed in our childhoods, and maybe it’s time to let that go. It has a stunning melody that drags us in, capturing us with its meaning to remind us perhaps the best moments in life aren't only in summer.

“Summer In My Head” is the last pre-release single Goldpark is releasing from their new EP “Goldpark Two” which is set to come out October 21st. Before this, the group released “Guess It’s Never Enough”, a track that deals with declaring your freedom from others’ opinions of you, tackling it with a soaring production that leaves you refreshed and hyped. The trio consists of Wes Hunter (Lead Vocals), Andrew Smith (Lead Guitar), and Kyle Neblett (Drums)—the three musically talented artists creating traction from their base in Nashville. Andrew and Wes first connected in 2019 but started working on their first EP in early 2020 when the trio was completed as Kyle joined the group-- finally giving us the phenomenal band we now know as Goldpark.

Written by Jane Katryn



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