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  • Lauren DiGiovanni

Review: "Sun Up" - David Correy

David Correy’s newest single “Sun Up” is the perfect summer song to get up and dance to, no matter where you are or how you’re feeling. With classic, summery vibes and a feel-good beat, this song is bound to be stuck in your head. David starts the song out by talking about a girl that he loves, saying “lately [her] voice’s been sounding like a masterpiece.” He brings in the pre-chorus by saying “imma light it up like Vegas/feel like mama I made it,” and introduces the main hook and chorus of the song: “I ain’t gonna stop until the sun goes up.” After the chorus, David talks about how this girl makes him feel. He says that she’s breathtaking and he’s “out of this world,” and says this girl is “worth more than diamonds and pearls.” And as David brings back the chorus again, you’re out of your seat and having fun.

The backing track of this song has a perfect blend of chill vibes and celebrations. This song isn’t a full-on dance track, but it does take influence from it. “Sun Up” has clear summer inspirations, and is a perfect song for laying by the pool or at the beach. Right as the song starts, listeners are introduced to a groovy guitar, instantly catching their attention. David also uses layered vocals and ad-libs that give it a stereotypical 2000s pop feel. Because David has a strong R&B background, those influences are also felt in this track. The best way to describe the sound of “Sun Up” is vintage elements dressed up for 2023. You have the groovy guitar, the classic kick and snare, and basslines with a digitized feel.

Although David Correy was born off the northern coast of Brazil, he accredits his hometown in Maryland, along with nearby cities Baltimore and D.C, as his musical influences. David released his first EP titled “Urban Rock Odyssey” in 2009 and created his own record label, “Urban Rock Records”, in 2010. Then in 2011, he was noticed by The X Factor team. He was featured in the second season of the show and became a fan favorite. Two years after The X Factor, David was noticed by the Global Head of Music of Coca-Cola to be the voice behind the 2014 FIFA World Cup Anthem, alongside Aloe Blacc. Since then, he has been putting out consistent releases of singles and put out his first album, “The Renaissance”, in 2017. Now, David has over 100k monthly listeners and well over 30 million streams on Spotify alone. It’s clear from David’s previous successes that he will continue to put out quality releases for everyone.

Written By Lauren DiGiovanni

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