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  • Molly Schiff

Review: "Sunflower" - Emilia Vaughn

At just fourteen years old, Emilia Vaughn wrote “Sunflower,” a song that has gained a lot of traction upon being produced and shared with the world. It is a song described by Vaughn herself as something that is very open and airy. She allowed herself to write what she felt at that moment, challenging herself to expand her mind lyrically and tap into new parts of her imagination. Upon your first listen, you’ll very quickly see exactly what she’s talking about when describing her song to have a laid-back vibe. “Sunflower” maintains a beat and soft guitar melody throughout, and when coupled with the softness of the tone that Vaughn’s voice has, it leaves the listener feeling light and relaxed.

Vaughn’s song begins with a lovely acoustic melody in the intro that immediately captures your attention. The first verse starts with Vaughn’s voice showcased over the same tune established in the intro, with a soft beat added about halfway through. She sings lyrics relatable to anyone who has a crush and wishes for their person to be in their life. The chorus is catchy, upbeat, and very laid-back. With the bridge, Vaughn showcases her ability to maintain the quality and crispness of her voice while speeding up her delivery of the lyrics. Just as we were eased into this song, it slowly fades out in a way that makes us want to continue listening. Overall, this song is extremely vibey and a must-add to any upcoming summer playlist.

Born in San Diego, Emilia has been writing poetry and playing the piano for as long as she can remember. Now, she’s following her dreams as an alternative pop artist set to graduate from the Berklee College of Music in 2026. She has always had a passion for music, as it has remained the one constant of her life, in her own words. Emilia put that passion to work come 2022, when she released two independent singles and immediately came out with her first EP after this release. Her single “Sunflower” gained a lot of positive attention from the media, reaching number forty-seven on the All Access "What's in Store" retail play charts. She has another single titled “Dead Bouquets” set to come out on February 23, 2023, so be sure to stay tuned and give the talented Emilia Vaughn another listen!

Written By Molly Schiff



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