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  • George McSherry

Review: "Sunset" - Amanda McCarthy

Amanda McCarthy creates a tangible intimacy that'll have you feeling like you are spitting distance from the singer as she croons her raw and honest story of that moment when you find your self-worth and the strength to let someone go when you realize they don't deserve you. The anthemic track empowers through its lyricism delivered by powerful vocals, seemingly designed for the cathartic release of singing in the shower, though anywhere will work really.

Subtle electronic production introduces the track alongside some simple but effective guitar before smooth vocals enter to establish the song in its country-adjacent Americana ballad vibe, anchored in the guitar twangs and power chords that feature throughout. The topic may be slightly somber in nature, but you would have to try pretty hard to feel anything other than uplifted by the infectious, upbeat musicality that aims to repackage the emotions attached to moving on in life.

McCarthy is a Nashville-based artist with roots in New Hampshire and Massachusetts who blends pop, country, rock, and modern folk. She describes herself as being "sprinkled with millennial snark and the heart of an old soul", and this certainly comes across in her music (in the best possible way). Her versatility has found her success wherever she goes and she tours nationally, with experience across the United States. She has supported a myriad of established artists including Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, Imagine Dragons, Hall & Oates, and Jason Isbell to name just a few. Find more on Amanda below!

Written By George McSherry



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