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  • Alexa Leung

Review: "Sunsets" - Allison Leah

Friendships are some of the most fulfilling relationships anyone can have, and when we lose them, we feel them so sharply that it might change the way we see the world. Allison Leah’s latest single “Sunsets” is just that, detailing the loss of a friendship, and figuring out how to fill those gaps with them gone. With folky strings and sad, melancholic lyrics, you’ll be reminded of the friendships you may have lost or gained– it makes you want to reach out to the friends you have now and tell them how important they are to you. Yet, as much as “Sunsets” is for those who have lost their other half, it’s also for those who are working to heal from the holes left in their wake.

Raw, acoustic, and vulnerable are the exact notes “Sunsets” hits. It’s an overwhelmingly beautiful song; the gentle, tentative strings twinkle nostalgically as the instrumentals’ backbone, supported by Leah’s clear vocals, melodic and mellow. Its soundscape is simple, but “Sunsets” knows exactly how to capitalize on each bend and turn of every chorus and verse, eliciting emotion from its listeners through its winding, reminiscing track. The song’s lyrics are touching and personal; the descriptions of loss are keenly felt, and as Leah sings “So where did I go wrong / What made you drift and move on?”, you’ll be transported into that moment of confusion at the ending of a friendship that was once so vital. “Sunsets” is all poignancy, capturing the important moments in a friendship and illustrating how world-shaking its disappearance is, going so far as to make every sunset you see a reminder of what is now gone.

Allison Leah is a New York-born and Nashville-based singer-songwriter. With a skillful pen, she twines honest narratives with earnest melodies, a soundscape similar to artists like Phoebe Bridgers and Gracie Abrams. Her vulnerability in her songwriting and crystalline vocals initially pull you in, and you’ll remain in her world for the messages that her music speaks. Her debut single was released in 2017, entitled “A Love Song”, and was followed the next year with her debut EP “Fly Home”. Since then, she’s released a discography that illustrates her ethereal musical stylings which has garnered millions of streams worldwide. “Sunsets” is Allison Leah’s first single of the year, and marks the beginning of her 2024 single series. Consider following her to keep track of her next releases while you enjoy “Sunsets.”

Written By Alexa Leung



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