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  • Dan Caddigan


This is the type of high-energy track I enjoy listening to and reviewing the most. By pairing hyper-groovy melodies with a powerfully optimistic message, CATDADDY has created a sound within SUPERPOWER that is undeniably pleasant to the ears. This track is a call to arms for listeners to embrace their self-worth by unleashing their "SUPERPOWER" on the world – a sentiment that is epitomized in the line "take back your superpower". The duo combine their superpowers (pun fully intended) with gifted percussionist, Armando Baeza, to provide fans with an absolute banger on their hit song SUPERPOWER. Kick off the weekend on a high note by giving this song a listen (or 10) in order to boost the vibes on a Friday night.

SUPERPOWER starts out strong with a four-on-the-floor drum beat and some plucky guitar before giving listeners' ears a first taste of CATDADDY's silky vocal range. As the instrumentation escalates, we hear some funky guitar chops and slap bass, further accompanied by more percussion and an overall electric energy. As the song continues to build, the audience is kept on edge with new and refreshingly original sections in SUPERPOWER's arrangement. The vocal tracks are highlighted throughout the mix, blending harmonic vocal stacks with fun lead lines and ad-libs. Throughout the entirety of the tune, a groovy bassline continues to drive along – adding weight to an already sensational rhythm section. The song is a beautiful demonstration of how to have pure fun making music. You can feel CATDADDY's personality shine through during their performance and I find it very hard for anyone listening to refrain from tapping their feet or nodding their head along to this ditty's intoxicating beat.

CATDADDY is a pop-funk super-duo comprised of Miami-based artists Aidan Paul and Leonardo Bacan. Both Paul and Bacan are multi-faceted talents who self-compose and self-produce their infectious brand of hyper-addictive music that is best described as being a sonic amalgamation of funk, pop, and electronic. The tandem is kicking off 2024 in style with the drop of their much-anticipated third single, SUPERPOWER – a precursor for the release of their CATDADDY EP, which is set to come out later this year. The pair give credit to Daft Punk, Parcels, and Hall & Oates for inspiring the "disco-soul" sound fans have come to love them for. Paul and Bacan are no strangers to the limelight, having already been featured on The Songwriter Radio Show, WWAM, PopHits New, Mesmerized Magazine, and Sinusoidal Music. Bravo boys, keep pumping out more heaters for us fans to bop along to!

Written By Dan Caddigan



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