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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "SUPERSONIC" - Aaron Elvis

Slow burn, chill, playing it safe—these are not the kinds of romance you'll find in "SUPERSONIC." No, the remarkable debut from Australian Singer & Songwriter Aaron Elvis (aka Aaron Elvis Richardson) is love of the blink-and-you'll-miss-it variety, chock-full of intricate production and thoughtful writing. The verses hinge on a more subtle instrumentation, bubbling and plucking with soft, synth arpeggios and clattering percussion, while the chorus sweeps through with a blasting maximalism. The production is masterful in its ability to connect these stark degrees without tonal whiplash. Underlying the verses is a rumbling bass which calls to mind the eager growl of a race-car's engine as the instrumentation and vocal performance progress powerfully towards the song's roaring climax. But it's that vocal performance that truly elevates "SUPERSONIC" to pure, pop excellence. It's a treat to hear Richardson flex his impressive voice: plunging, soaring, running, and belting his way across the race track PATØN's production paves for him. All this to say that "SUPERSONIC" zooms by with commanding force rather than idling at the gate.

If it wasn't clear by now, "SUPERSONIC" charts the course of fast-paced love. "Fast-paced," feels understated, perhaps "breakneck," "turbo-drive," or even "hell for leather." From the starting line, Richardson questions his ability to keep up. "Got me burning out of control," he muses, effortlessly ascending into a buttery falsetto. But this isn't the scene of a cataclysmic crash—it's a thrilling joyride. Even the hints of struggle ("I'll never be quick enough for you") are rendered as intoxicating draws ("give me a supersonic woman like you.") If this is the pace she's setting, he'll be damned if he fails to keep up. It's a venture into uncharted territory, but the stomach-churning risk can feel a lot like butterflies.

Aaron Elvis is based in Australia, though he was born and raised on the island Oahu. From a young age, he developed his vocal skills through the influences of Paramore, Bruno Mars, and Prince, among others. 2022 began his journey as an independent artist, laying the foundation for his triumphant debut this year. "SUPERSONIC" serves as a musical introduction to Richardson as an artist, showcasing his impressive vocals and powerhouse pop sound. His music seamlessly blends pop-rock influences through his own unique perspective. The passion behind Aaron Elvis' art is undeniable, placing him at the forefront of ascendant pop artists in 2023.

Written By Andy Mockbee

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