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  • Emma Kimberli

Review: "Supervillain" - Holly Hebe x Ivoris x Zhuli

This bedroom pop immediately has the listener bopping their head along to it. Not only is this song incredibly catchy, but it is also incredibly good on the ears. This song has been on repeat for about twenty minutes, and I have not gotten tired of it. The three voices of Holly, Ivoris, and Zhuli make this song addicting; they complement each other so well and their tones blend so nicely. Not only is this song relatable to many listeners, but it is also a new and unique way to look at a breakup. The unmatched talent of these three young artists shines through in this creation they made together. and I hope to hear more songs from each of them in the near future!

My first thoughts while listening to this phenomenal track were that it reminded me of "Smile" by Lily Allen and the artist Mxmtoon. This piece is about an ex with a chronic victim and savior complex. horrible, right? But instead of letting them continue to wallow in their self-pity, you instead call out their behavior. Instead of getting annoyed, you instead embrace their label of "Supervillain" and poke fun at them while you do it. This song does this in a playful and not-too-serious way. I love it! The dreamy production and harmonization might be my favorite parts of this song.

"Supervillain" By up-and-coming artists Holly Hebe, Ivoris, and Zhuli was released on September 29th and already has a remarkable 5,000+ streams. Singer-songwriter Ivoris released her EP "My Messy Mind" on August 11th, 2022. Holly and Ivoris are both Australian-based artists, and the three have become close friends ever since making this song together. Holly Hebe has been releasing music on Spotify since 2020 and has her debut EP set for release on November 24th! Zhuli has claimed some of her muses to be Charli XCX, Tinashe, and Ariana Grande.

Written By Emma Kimberli





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