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  • Jordan Elliott

Review: "Surrender" - Angelique Rodriguez

Surrender is the latest single by the multitalented Angelique Rodriguez. She is not only a singer, songwriter, model, visual artist, photographer, and actress (WOW!!!) but a psych-research assistant. This may have influenced the writing of Surrender, as it explores the psychological idea of self-discovery. The track details Rodriguez's experience of cutting off her former habits and becoming alive in her new life. In the first verse, she questions her new reality with the lines, "Am I coming alive?/Can I cry?/Is everything fine?" The fiery chorus shows Rodriguez reflecting on her past self and sings, "Everywhere I go, I see versions of myself/They're asking what I know, yeah, they're asking me for help." Verse two has Rodriguez standing up to the pain she has once felt in the lyrics, "But I have the strength inside of me/To take back what's mine, to bark and to bite, to finally just be free." I gotta say, Angelique. I am not the me I was before I listened to this song. I have surrendered that version of myself.

Rodriguez blends elements of EDM, hyperpop, and psychedelic rock to create a track that will make anyone want to dance until their soul flies out of their body. Surrender is propelled by its heavy use of synths which were complimented by an uptempo drum beat that reminded me of PinkPanthress and Ice Spice's 2023 hit, Boy's a Liar. The song continually feels like it is elevating. The energy keeps expanding until it climaxes in the last minute of the track where the song's biggest beat drop occurs and the vibes shift from cocktail hour to a full-on party. I can see a nightclub full of ragers going wild when that part of the song plays. However, the standout was surely, Rodriguez's hypnotic alto voice. I particularly loved when she harmonized with herself. She gave off some major Tove Lo on Disco T**s vibes throughout the entire track. Just like Tove Lo, Rodriguez proved she is a pop queen.

"I want to captivate people," says the artist. "I hope to integrate my love for the arts and psychology and express them with such passion that I would be able to get people's hearts pumping and minds racing." Though Angelique Rodriguez currently resides in New York City, she is very vocal that she is proud of her Puerto Rican heritage and has done quite a bit for social justice and child psychology through her work at PeerTAC. She also is a lifelong lover of theatre and starred in the original show, Tess: A New Musical with an Old Story. This is not even scratching the surface of Rodriguez's lore and if you want more, I encourage you to check out her official website. However, she just started dipping her toes into releasing original music in 2022 with the single, Live for Me. Since then, she has dropped four more songs, including Surrender, and all have been bangers. If you live in the NYC area and want to check her out, she's playing at the Brooklyn Music Kitchen on April 30 at 7:30. Make sure to go, rock out, and wish her a happy birthday.

Written by Jordan Elliott


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