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  • Jordan Elliott

Review: "Sweet Dreams" - Ronald Morrera

Sweet Dreams is the latest single by pop artist, Ronald Morrera. The track was released after an almost year-long hiatus where Morrera made the decision to keep pushing through and making music despite many hurdles in his way. The song tackles issues such as body image, identity, and self-acceptance. Morrera stated in a press release that he hopes the song's narrative "resonates with individuals navigating their own paths of self-discovery." Morrera tells the story of feeling self-conscious after being cheated on. He reveals his insecurity through lines like, "I'm just the guy on the side that you like." He also talks about how he wants this person so badly, but is upset that he can't have them when he sings, "Sweet dreams got me dreaming of you/I scream learning that I can't have you." I really liked his angle on this track because it's rare to hear male artists addressing topics like mental health and self-esteem issues in their music. It's a breath of fresh air on the traditional breakup song and I was a fan.

Much like the majority of Morrera's other songs, Sweet Dreams is a 1980s-inspired synth-pop anthem. The upbeat synths lead the track and give it the 80s flair that artists like The Weeknd and Dua Lipa brought back over the past few years. The vibes of this song might just send you back in time and get you out on the floor at the roller rink. Sweet Dreams also features a prominent bass riff throughout the song, giving the song a little bit of a jazz influence. The fast-paced drum beat keeps this song modern with its Timberlake-esque R&B energy. Morrera's voice is one of the most unique voices I've heard in pop music. He combines the styles of Sam Smith and Usher to create a sound that I could easily see on hundreds of summer smashes. Long story short... it's a banger.

"I wrote Sweet Dreams at a point in my life where my eating disorder was slowly getting the better of me. Being fat, gay, femme, and Asian was kinda hard," said Ronald Morrera in an Instagram post regarding the song's release. This Filipino-Canadian artist started releasing his music amid the pandemic with his debut single, Call Me. He released several other singles throughout 2022 and 2023 and has played iconic stages and events including the JUNO Awards. Morrera may have taken some time away from the spotlight, but he is ready to share his story. "I am a bad b**ch. But I'm also an introvert and a softie. One day I'll write some c**ty gay pop music for you all, but for now, I am bearing my heart to you." To hear a little bit of Ronald Morrera's heart, stream Sweet Dreams now and make sure to keep an eye out for his next big hit.

Written by Jordan Elliott



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