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  • Giavanna Gradaille

Review: "Sweet Escape" - Ozz Gold

When I look out my living room windows, I’m usually met with the sight of golden-brown plains and the occasional tumbleweed strolling down the road. I admit it’s not much of a view, but it’s the desert – I’m here for the consistent, dry weather - not the view. So, imagine my shock when I woke up last week and saw SNOW outside my windows. I was devastated; I've been robbed of a cozy autumn. Thankfully Ozz Gold’s “Sweet Escape” has warded off my cabin fever and helped me daydream of warmer climates as I wait for the snow to melt.

“Sweet Escape” is a tropical-house single that lives up to its namesake; it’s a temporary break from permanent reality we all need from time to time. The track opens with a soft melody and an angelic voice vocalizing before laying down the first verse. Within this verse, Ozz Gold’s vocalist makes it clear that they’re perfectly content with how things are going for themselves, but they long for a little getaway. At the end of this verse, the melody begins to quiet and progressively amps up the sound alongside the chorus and the overall energy of the song before dropping the bassline. Listeners are then met with an explosion of musical arrangements that makes it feel like serotonin is coursing throughout your body for the rest of the song’s duration. Even if you can’t take yourself on a ‘sweet escape’ or you happen to be snowed in like me, you can at least imagine yourself elsewhere as “a runaway renegade” enjoying the sun.

Unlike most artists featured on the blog, Ozz Gold did not come from a musically inclined background. The now-turned Las Vegas-based producer and DJ was initially in military service. Ozz Gold even graduated from West Point – a huge accomplishment within itself. But tropical and progressive house music's profound impact on the artist made him trade in his combat boots for strong basslines. “Sweet Escape” is the artist’s fifth song to be released this year, with “Unknown” being his debut release: demonstrating his commitment to spreading joy and unconditional love to all of his listeners. If you’re itching for a slice of happiness served up hot, show Ozz Gold’s discography and socials some virtual love.

Written By Giavanna Gradaille



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