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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "Sweet Night" - Elina

A picture-perfect melody is what I would use to describe the latest single by artist, Elina, as it beautifully captures that cosmic feeling of running through the countryside in the late afternoon. “Sweet Night” by Elina is a charming tune that encapsulates the unique feeling of being out in nature and understanding the harmony of it all. The song itself is in the style of a motivational anthem with a combination of passionate lyricism and Elina’s gentle voice. Her vocal performance throughout the track is consistent and emotional which makes the song much more genuine. “Sweet Night” gets stuck in your head and quickly becomes the tune you play on repeat during those long late-night drives.

In the beginning, the song starts off as a simple acoustic track with just a gentle guitar and Elina’s singing. From the start, the lyrics capture the attention of listeners as they create a cinematic atmosphere. A wonderful thing about the song is that it builds up to perfectly display the emotional growth within the lyrics. What’s nice about this buildup is it feels very organic and not forced at all. The chorus is where we get to hear Elina’s singing shine the most and she truly does have a beautiful voice that matches the aesthetic of the “Sweet Night.” I particularly enjoyed the background harmonies in the post-chorus as they create a nice transition into verse two. The bridge really makes you want to sing along loudly as it has a powerful energy to it. Overall, Elina has done an excellent job with “Sweet Night” as it is a gorgeous track that feels like it belongs in any movie soundtrack.

Elina is an artist from Sweden who has started off working in the industry as a songwriter, working on songs for big-name artists. Her songwriting has earned her recognition as she has been nominated and won awards in songwriting competitions. She is heavily influenced by artists from the 60s and 70s such as Joni Mitchell and The Mamas & The Papas, but she still has a lot of unique and personal style in her work. Her song “Sweet Night” is the third single she has released for her upcoming debut album, “Whatever Happens Now,” which is set to be released October 27th. Elina is an artist who stands out and inspires with her work, and she is definitely an artist you should give a listen to.

Written By Chantal Charles


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