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  • Cheyenne Johnson

Review: "Sweet Relief" - Tonia

Listening to Tonia's new single is a "Sweet Relief." The new song is an uplifting love ballad, filled with optimism and hopefulness. It is featured on her new EP, Afloat, and ends the EP on a positive note. "Sweet Relief" captures the thoughts and emotions that accompany falling in love. Tonia shares this about "Sweet Relief" and the new EP: "The EP is a scrapbook of different moments over the past four years. Writing each song has helped me process heartbreak, overthinking, love, and times of learning, growth and moving on. With most of the songs based on lost love and heartbreak, I chose to end the EP on a more hopeful note. I wrote 'Sweet Relief' over Zoom during lockdown with one of my best friends. It’s about the waves of different emotions and sometimes overwhelming thoughts that come with falling in love. Love can be confusing, and writing this song was cathartic. It helped me find clarity and overcome barriers due to past relationships." The five song EP is a work of art, with "Sweet Relief" highlighting some of Tonia's incredible songwriting and masterful vocal performances.

Filled with ethereal sounds and Tonia's mellifluous vocals, "Sweet Relief" easily seeps its way into the hearts of listeners. Tonia creates a relaxed atmosphere, with laid-back vocals and instrumentals. Her voice floats over crisp acoustic guitar sounds and a gentle, murmuring brook. She delivers the lyrics sweetly and warmly, providing comfort for those facing uncertainty in new relationships. The mellow way Tonia sings the melody in "Sweet Relief" is reminiscent of Billie Eilish's vocals and how she sings the chorus of "lovely." Even if you aren't falling in love with someone, the beautiful softness and hope Tonia conveys in this song will have you falling in love with "Sweet Relief."

Tonia grew up in a musical family, surrounded by pianists, opera singers, pop lovers, and avid Dad-rock fans. The eclectic tastes that surrounded her influenced her own output. After her move to Liverpool, she started to take the city by storm and rise in the music industry. She became one of Liverpool International Music Festival Academy's "Most Promising" artists. Tonia has also become a favorite live act. She has supported Michael Aldag and has made a guest appearance with the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra. Enjoying her live performance success, Tonia sold out her first headline gig and afterwards made her debut for Blind Magazine at the Old Blue Last. Since then, she has played The Tavern Club with BBC Introducing and captivated audiences at Kendall Calling. Tonia entered the music scene in 2021, following the release of her successful single, "Flux." Catching the attention of some of the most seasoned pros, "Flux" has won the hearts of BBC Radio's Jack Saunders, Sian Eleri, Gemma Bradley, and BBC Introducing. Tonia's newest EP, Afloat, has been released alongside single, "Sweet Relief," and is paving the way for her fast ascension in the music world.

Written By Cheyenne Johnson



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