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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Sweet Summer Feels" - Flora Summers

Flora Summers perfectly encapsulates the feeling of a hot summer romance in her latest single, “Sweet Summer Feels.” Throughout the breezy indie-pop song, Summers effortlessly paints the picture of a carefree summertime fling. The track is saturated in clever imagery, from palm trees on Venice beach to skinny dipping in the warm, blue ocean waves. In the chorus, she sings: “Kiss me like a sun on a summer day// Make it slightly burn such a bittersweet pain// Touch me like soft waves hit the beach// Make it feel wild and free.” These flirtatious lyrics enhance the sultry vibe with the emphasis on the undeniable chemistry and the irresistible temptation between the two lovers. The post-chorus consists of Summers repeating the hook: “Gimme gimme, uh sweet summer feels.” She is begging her partner to give into this undeniable attraction and become completely engulfed in her cheerful summer spirit. Through her poetic lyricism, Summers transports the listener onto a white, sandy beach with their partner, making it the ultimate song of the season.

“Sweet Summer Feels” consists of an airy production that complements the laidback lyrics, creating an unforgettable summertime anthem. The song begins with keyboard notes and a light guitar riff played on top. In the background, the beat maintains a steady tempo with periodic synth vocal effects singing “yeah,” providing an additional dynamic to the intro. Summers kicks off the verse with her ethereal vocals paired with the complex bassline that remains constant throughout the track. In the second half of the verse, the beat becomes more intricate, providing a tiered element to the production. The snare drum decreases in volume during the pre-chorus, allowing for a greater build up to the high energy chorus. In the chorus, the keyboard notes mute and the electric guitar becomes more prominent while its multiple sound effects are eliminated. The complex bassline changes while still maintaining its intricate nature. The post-chorus utilizes the full production with the return of the keyboard notes that enhance the catchy hook. The remainder of the track continues with a steady structure that effortlessly guides the listener through the song and makes them feel as carefree as the cheeky lyrics. The unique production showcases Summers’s individualistic style that blends modern indie-pop with classic retro influences, making “Sweet Summer Feels” the perfect sophomore single to her solo career.

Flora Summers is a singer, songwriter, and producer from Sweden. “Sweet Summer Feels” is her sophomore single as a solo artist. Currently, she is working on her debut solo EP, which is set for release later this year. Summers is one-half of the electro pop duo, Isle of You. The duo was nominated for Artist of the Future in Swedish Radio for the P3 Guld Awards. While Summers creates her own solo music under her pseudonym, she continues to release music with Isle of You as Ida Johansson. Through her art, she aspires to create music that is honest and personal—something that is authentically her. Her sound is a beautiful blend of indie-folk and pop, drawing inspiration from other artists from the genre, such as Lana Del Rey, Florence + The Machine, and Angel Olsen.

Written By Karlee Skipper



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