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  • Zewdi Cass

Review: "Swim with Sharks" - Kitty Rae

In her latest release "Swimming with Sharks", iconically pink-haired Kitty Rae aims to metaphorically empower listeners to face their fears. Using allusions of self-advocacy in comparison with taking a deep-sea dive produces unique messages that are both relatable and encouraging. Cover art portraying the artist jumping into a pool of sharks contrasted against a cotton candy, lightning-filled sky invites listeners to take the plunge with her.

Captivating listeners with deep messages of strength through a unique alt-pop sound is a specialty of rising musician Kitty Rae. While "Swim with Sharks" utilizes a collaboration of deep synths and chilling layered vocals to embody an ominous mood, lyrically the song encourages bravery to show others you are confident in your capabilities. Promoting independence while maintaining an edgy vibe, Kitty Rae's latest single puts a twist on the modern-day confidence anthem.

Kitty Rae is an Australian-born dark electropop singer-songwriter akin to the likes of Billie Eilish or Halsey. The independent artist has achieved several accomplishments in the short time she's been active, such as being featured on various Spotify playlists, supporting several various acts on tours, being named a 2021 Featured Artist at the Indie Music Summit, and impressively selling out her own slew of shows in Melbourne. By emitting radiant, confident energy through her image and art, Kitty Rae will continue earnestly entertaining her evolving fan base.

Written By Zewdi Cass

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