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  • Emily Hancock

Review: "Swimsuit" - Johanna Amelie

"Swimsuit” is a beautiful song about navigating difficult feelings in a relationship. This reflective tune dives deep into solidarity and being there for someone even though it’s hard. Johanna sings, saying that she knows no matter what she does in the relationship, nothing will change– but she’ll still “bring her swimsuit”, as if to say she will still be there no matter what in the hard times. This song cleverly intertwines meaning through symbols in the lyrics to create something truly meaningful.

Overall, “Swimsuit” has a very dreamy tone that relaxes the mood of the song. You automatically feel focused on the lyrics and entranced by Johanna’s voice. Johanna has a very smooth and light sound that makes the song feel extra cool. Her vocals are quite impressive as she sings multiple high notes throughout her chorus and sustains them for long periods of time effortlessly. “Swimsuit” has the kind of vibe that you want when you’re driving home from the beach late at night. Not only is it a good song for thinking of relationship troubles, but it’s also just a great listen for a late night.

Johanna started having an interest in music from a young age. Since she was 3, she has learned 5 different instruments and continued to find a passion in songwriting and singing. Today, she is considered an indie artist and music producer. Though based in Berlin, Johanna performs internationally and will be touring coming this May. Amelie is passionate about increasing the number of women and non-binary people in the music industry as well. With big goals, natural talent, and upcoming plans for her music, Johanna Amelie proves herself as truly amazing. Keep an eye out for more tunes from Johanna– you won’t want to miss a thing!

Written By Emily Hancock



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