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  • Megan Cao

Review: "Switch" - JOSHUA

“Switch” is a dark and gritty EDM-pop track about two-faced liars and manipulators, people with pretty words and faces but the cruelest intentions. In this day and age, toxicity runs rampant as people seek to benefit themselves rather than others. JOSHUA compels us to recognize these people and cut them out entirely, no matter how scared or nervous you may be of their reaction. People like this will never rest or appreciate the work you put in for them, switching up to be saccharine sweet one moment and ravenously enraged the next.

JOSHUA incorporates a variety of genres to create dark and menacing soundscapes, bouncing effortlessly from catchy and popping to vulnerable and haunting. From the first hit of the drums, the track sets the atmosphere. As it progresses, it snowballs in intensity and drive, with JOSHUA’s voice growing fuller and commanding the soundscape to bend to his will, his charisma oozing out of the melodies as he dazzles the audience. Music is empowering, and JOSHUA’s mixed hodgepodge of sounds, emotions, and lyrics is a beautiful melding of everything that makes him so irrefutably himself, looking to give his advice and inspire his listeners towards looking after themselves.

JOSHUA prides himself on combining honest songwriting with the grimy and gritty touch of reality, untangling complex emotions. Hailing from Mandurah, Australia, this art-teacher-turned-songwriter uses his songwriting to process his emotional landscape, writing songs about topics that hit close to home not only for him but among his fans. Self-taught to produce on Ableton, JOSHUA’s knack for creating catchy hooks and infectious melodies is something that he just knows instinctually, something that comes with the wild and wacky creativity he possesses. A full-on creative powerhouse, JOSHUA writes, produces, and mixes all of his music while shooting and designing his own promotional material and social media, a man in charge of his destiny.

Written By Megan Cao


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