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  • Miles Tutor

Review: "take my dreams away" - ear candy

"I know I'm much better sober; but I'm under the influence of you instead" are the words of toxicity in a relationship on ear candy's hot new single titled "take my dreams away" which touches on the struggles of bonded love with no benefits or fairness between the two. Learning to be the bigger person in the relationship doesn't apply every single time you date someone and it just shows that no matter what someone will do for love, the person they found might be a control freak trying to control your every move. Just like the festival chick you met at a rave in the summer! THE SKY TURNED FROM BLUE TO PURPLE REAL QUICK!

THIS SONG IS A TOTAL SUMMER STARTER! The influences of alternative rock, indie rock and punk flare up so much on this song but is utilized in a way where the whole song sounds like a lofi pop jam. The muddy drums that still bang throughout and the shredding going on with the guitar really brings those qualities of the song together. The climax of the chorus is phenomenal with all of the instrumentation working together while Jamie ups the ante on his vocal abilities and range. The energy here is unreal!

Jamie Jordan is a singer-songwriter and producer from the UK whose mission with music is to create indie pop and alternative pop tunes that turn up a conscious message while still being fun hits to listen to sonically. He dropped another single this year titled "over you" and is planning on doing some major things for 2022 including touring with his band and dropping new singles. Keep your loved ones close. Go give him a shot!

Written By Miles Tutor



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