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  • Kevin Rodriguez

Review: "Talking Over Tea" - LXIX

Spilling the latest gossip can seem irresistible, but it's also misleading. You likely don’t have all the facts. Plus, spreading rumors typically does more harm than good. ‘Talking Over Tea’ by LXIX puts priority on taking care of yourself instead of getting distracted by the drama. “Jealousy ain’t on trend, so stop playing pretend, I see through it.” It's important to recognize that the people who make the tea are also projecting their insecurities onto others. Actions speak louder than words, so why join them? Instead, you can take that time and energy and make moves toward your ambitions and goals. You can even pursue them in silence so no one can hold you back!

The free-flowing, unapologetic energy in the song is beautifully rejuvenating! Sparkling synths and guitar riffs back a nostalgic pop-rock feel. Then come hi-hats and captivating lead vocals, which transform the space into a blissful sunny afternoon on the beach. In stunning fashion, the conversational lyrics blend seriousness with the wonderful feeling of getting a weight off your shoulders. “What you want is not what I want, we are different minds; and if you want to have what I’ve got, don’t worry ‘bout mine.” Why are they all up in your business to begin with? LXIX kicks priers to the curb with one fell swoop! Overall, the song feels incredible; encouraging you to dance to your own rhythm!

Please join me in officially welcoming Nashville duo LXIX to the music scene! Their beautiful debut single ‘Talking Over Tea’ is a great introduction to their magnetic pop sound. Prior to the duo’s inception, Chloey Wilson pursued a solo project as an artist and DJ making “moody pop” music. Her best friend Adamm Mitchell played guitar as part of the band Richlove. After both of them hit stalling points in their musical endeavors, they decided to write this song together and the rest is history! For more heartfelt, feel-good music, go follow LXIX because they’re just getting warmed up!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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