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  • Kaiana Lee

Review: "Tame Me?" - Austin Carr

Playing hard to get is an ancient art of flirtation. Only the best have mastered it and Austin Carr is one of the few. His game of cat and mouse with his partner is unmatched. The constant pursuit and escape game leaves both parties wanting more and Austin is up for the tease. In his new track, Tame Me? Austin describes this romantic entanglement cleverly. They both know this flirtation probably isn’t the best for either of them but neither wants to settle for anything less. He asks his partner will you tame me? And the answer is plain as day.

The track presents itself in an indie pop suit. Glimmering with guitars and synths that add that pop element. However, we are quickly greeted by the subtle but enjoyable throws of a vintage sound. Similar to Springsteen or Phil Collins there's an 80s vibe that punches through and creates a fun atmosphere. This is something Austin does best with his music. Blending sounds, both the old and the new have a place in Austin’s music and he uses them to their full advantage on this record. Tame Me? Is refreshing in its efforts to combine flirtatious songwriting with the country's Western genre. It’s a new spin that works so well for the track.

Austin Carr is a singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles. His talent for combining genres and sounds is unmatched. He loves diving into writing about queer relationships and placing these lyrics over a sound that doesn't often include them. With a new EP on the way, he has been releasing tracks that show off this incredible skill. Tame Me? Is the first of this upcoming EP and more are to come. Keep an eye out for what Austin has cooking in the coming weeks. His sound is intoxicating and once you start listening you’ll never get enough of his wicked lyricism and stellar instrumentation.

Written By Kaiana Lee



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